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St Pauls And Holy Cross

2nd of April 2009

“I do not know what lies ahead, the way I cannot see…” So starts a song I remember from years ago. I wonder if it sums up how our Prime minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer feel these days: and if so to what extent they dare not admit it! I really feel for our leaders, with the expectation that is so easily heaped on them by others, knowing the criticism that will come their way if they are unable to deliver….
I would suspect too that they would be by no means alone, as all sorts of us face issues for the future which cause us real concern, especially in these days where in the past we may well have felt confident and secure…. work, health, finance…..
….Yet one stands near to be my guide, Hell show the way to me” the song continues, and the refrain follows:
“I know who holds the future, and Hell guide me with his hand,
With God things dont just happen, everything by Him is planned:
So as I face tomorrow with its problems large and small,
Ill trust the God of miracles, give to Him my all”
At Easter we are reminded of the resurrection of Jesus: an unique event in world history. So many think that this is “just a nice story”. One might easily object that the words of the song encourage naïve or even unfounded and dangerous hope, but the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus turns out to be overwhelming when seriously examined with an open mind!*
Now the song does not say that all the difficulties and distresses of life are planned by God, nor does it suggest that He will just sweep them away. Mostly they have to be endured, and they do hurt. What it is seeking to say is that so often the miracle, indeed the plan of God, is that we should know Him and His unseen but real supportive presence in the midst of anything and everything that comes upon us. That changes us and our attitudes.
He went through all the horrors of the Cross, and won! He is thus more than able to stand with us through whatever we have to face, and lead us through, not necessarily to what we might consider best, but to that which in our Creators sight is good, and wholesome and ultimately perfect!
“Christ is risen!” Ill trust the God of miracles, give to him my all. The Easter message invites anyone and everyone to do the same! With my prayers, Jim Stevens
* If you would like to research the evidence, I am very happy to help if asked.

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