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Chiltern Timber

2nd of April 2009

Thanks to a grant from the South East Timber and Woodland Fund, craftsman Steve Roberts has been able to buy a compact and portable mobile sawmill and offers contract saw milling services.
If you have valuable trees that are hard to reach or extract, or too few to sell, consider cutting out the middle man. Cut out road transport costs and produce planks, beams, posts or weatherboard for your own use or for sale. Steve has been felling, milling, air drying and making good use of his own timber for twenty-eight years, and has built sheds, summer houses, Wendy houses – even an oak-framed barn.
He has made windows, doors, kitchen unity and staircases all from his own timber. Steve said, “Apart from the cost, it just makes no sense to be bringing timber half way round the world when we have so much of our own growing here all around us.”
You can contact Steve by email: straightfromthewoods@

Editors note: If anyone wishes to fell a mature tree they should check with Dacorum Borough Councils Woodland Officer (tel: 01442 228375) BEFORE it is cut down or heavily pruned.

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