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Tom Gilbert

2nd of March 2009

Norah, Jo and Jack Gilbert were just trying to come to terms with losing their beloved sister, Rose, on 20 October to a two year battle against cancer when they were told tragically of the sudden death from a heart attack on 5 December of their brother, Tom, aged 76.
Tom was a master carpenter learning his trade a Waterhouse’s under the supervision of the late Teddy Burgin of Flaunden. He was also a lifelong fan of Watford Football Club, first seeing them play at the age of 7. He patiently and accurately traced his family tree back to the 16th century. It was fitting that his wish was to be buried in the village church of Shawell, near Rugby, with his ancestors dating back to 1746. It was a tribute to him that around 75 people made the journey to Shawell to pay their respects. At his funeral a workmate read a poem to the congregation and we would like to share a couple of verses from it.

He was old, his white hair thinning and he’d smile and say ‘hello’
As we strolled round to the Legion and told tales of long ago
Of the houses he had worked on and the jobs that he had done
In his exploits with his workmates, they were heroes every one.
And sometimes, to his neighbours, his tales became a joke
But all the builders listened for they knew whereof he spoke
Now they’ll hear his tales no longer because old Tom has passed away
And the world’s a poorer place, for a carpenter died today.
He loved his work, he loved his family and quietly went his way
And we are devastated because a carpenter died today.

God bless Rose and God bless Tom. Our loss, heaven’s gain.

Hazel Alice Hamilton Bell
Hazel was born in Hemel Hempstead in 1948 and grew up with her mother Alice Jordan and sister Pamela in Kings Langley. She was well known in Kings Langley and often visited friends in Chipperfield. In 1974 she married David Bell from Hemel Hempstead and they lived initially in Ware, but the family were pleased in 1982 to move to Croft Lane where they happily brought up their five children – Stephen, Jonathon, Elizabeth, Alan and Thomas.
In addition to helping her children to whom she was devoted, and being a deeply loved wife and mother, Hazel gave much of her time helping the young people of Chipperfield. People from the village will remember over the years Hazels involvement with Mother and Toddlers, the Playgroup, the Youth Club, as Wise Owl with the Brownies and latterly at the Catholic Church where she helped prepare children for their first Holy Communion.
Eleven years ago Hazel accepted a role at St. Pauls School as a Classroom Assistant and is particularly remembered for her help with the school plays, costumes, make up, school uniform, school fetes as well as helping classes of all ages. Before joining the school she had helped children in Chipperfield and Sarratt with their Cycling Proficiency, and Hazel continued with this for many years whilst at the School.
When Chipperfield News was first published, over twenty year ago, she organised the family to deliver around the Croft Estate, a job that is still continued by the family.
Many villagers attended Hazels funeral at the end of November and the family are very grateful for the support shown to them during that time. During her life Hazel supported a local charity, and donations made in memory of her life have been sent to the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home organisation.
The Bell family would like to thank the hundreds of people who came to Hazels funeral and for the many messages of sympathy and support that they received. They were particularly heartened by the large number of young people who made the time to be with them that day.
Hazel died aged 60 and is buried with her mother in St. Pauls Churchyard. She gave much to her family and to the youth and people of Chipperfield with her cheerful disposition, sense of purpose and care for others.
May she rest with the Lord in the peace that she so richly deserves.

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