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Poppy Appeal 2008

2nd of December 2008

Of course there has been exceptional media coverage of the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War and the Watford Observers piece about Chipperfields efforts may have helped – but we did not expect to collect £4,089.84! We have broken last years record of £3,750, in spite of the credit crunch and increases in prices and unemployment.
Special thanks go to Patrick Gardiner, Helen Harmer, Richard Edwards and Mark Jarrad, (whose accountancy skills are invaluable) and to the dedicated collectors of all ages. We are going to need more younger helpers as the oldies get more infirm – in body, though not in spirit. The shops and pubs also showed their enthusiasm, especially Peter Bone at the Royal Oak and Paul Hewitson at Blackwells, who have All-Year-Round collecting tins on their counters.
The performances of Our Village at War on 7 and 8 November not only stimulated a great deal of interest but raised £3359.76 for the Appeal – partly due to the generosity of those who contributed towards the expenses.
After 14 years I would love to hand over the Appeal to someone with fresh ideas and more energy. Do please get in touch with me if you would like to take it over; I will support you if I am still around, and there is no need to commit yourself for life.
Anne Wyburd (01923 267515)
Honorary Appeal Organiser

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