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Our Village At War

2nd of December 2008

On the evenings of Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November, a total of 228 local residents came to the Village Hall to learn the fate of the Chipperfield men who had served in World War 1. Many in the audience were the sons, daughters, grandchildren or family members of the 169 men who joined the armed forces, 37 of whom were killed.
“Our Village at War” was written by John Uff with local information researched by Mary Nobbs and her son, Andrew. Using his extensive knowledge of the history of World War 1, John produced a chronicle weaving together reports from local papers, the Parish Magazine, family letters and other documents to create a poignant picture of events, from the patriotic fervour of August 1914 to the grim reality of November 1918.
A selection of contemporary photographs of the battlefields and trenches were projected on to a large screen at the side of the stage. These, accompanied by sound effects, re-inforced the descriptions of events given by the four narrators. Performances by six actors recalled the brief lives and tragic deaths of the young men of Chipperfield.
Congratulations to all who were involved in this presentation. Lisa Callcut who directed and made it so effective and affecting; the four narrators, Sue Harvey, Rob Hine, Melanie Winward and Giles Wyburd, for their clear and well-paced delivery and the actors, Jennifer Heusen, Lisa Heusen, Lyn Hug, Paul Instrall, Simon Phillips and John Uff, for their memorable portrayals of scenes of life at the time. The lighting, sound and photographic backdrops were created by Lisa Callcut, Martin Deane and Tony Briselden.
A double CD of the presentation will be available shortly (price £5). Contact Anne Wyburd on 01923 267515 to order.

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