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2nd of December 2008

It is a cliché, but Christmas does come around sooner every year. I would imagine that by 2020 we will see decorations up in June. This is not, as you would probably suspect, a grumpy old man moaning and bah humbugging. Actually I like the idea. A minister can’t really complain that people are celebrating the birth of Jesus, whenever that is. When we stop and remember the fact that the God Almighty, maker of the universe, all powerful, all knowing and our Father in heaven, chose to enter the very messiness of life and live it as a helpless, dependant and humble child, you can’t help but stop and wonder. What on earth does He think He is doing? Why is He doing this? I can’t understand what is going on?
We never think these things, do we? Even if Christmas were all year round we wouldn’t ask these questions. We are more interested in the food, the presents, the drink and every thing else that goes on. Now that does sound like a bah humbug grumpy old man I admit, however none of this stuff makes us feel happy or fulfilled for very long. Once Christmas is over, it’s over. The last turkey sandwich has been eaten, presents that once promised so much have now failed to deliver and the final hangover has receded.
The truth is those questions need to be asked all year round because as another cliché goes “Jesus is for life not just for Christmas”. This is the very essence of Christmas, that God’s gift to us is Himself and that He is available at every moment of the year. When the rest of the year is a struggle and life seems to get on top of us, the gift of God is something that lifts the spirit and gives us hope. It is not that we understand completely what is going on, but that we know one thing, Jesus is a gift worth celebrating and unlike any other present He never fails to deliver.
Love, Jason
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