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20th of February 2008

We had a fantastic week of fun and learning when the whole school did a French themed week. We have started teaching French to our junior aged children but the whole idea of the week was that it was not just about the French language but about cross curricula learning. It would be impossible to tell you all of the things we did, but here are a few examples.
Y6 ran a French cafŽ! The children bought croissants, baguettes and other French food and paid for it with Euros! The school cook took part and cooked a French lunch: the crpes and crme caramels were very popular. Y5 built some amazing Eiffel Towers and did a lot of map work based on France and Paris. Y4 did some amazing art work and their version of MonetÕs Poppies Near Argenteiul now hangs proudly in our entrance hall. Y3 wrote some amazing information leaflets and learned the French names for parts of the body. (Can you sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French? Ð They can!). Y2 baked French bread and made a lovely version of the Notre Dame Rose window. Y1 listened to Saint-SaenÕs Carnival of the Animals and moved to the music wearing the animal masks they had made. They also learned lots of French songs. The Foundation Stage used the computer to produce some pictures in the style of Matisse.
Do you like our Eiffel Tower? We made it out of rolled up newspapers and then painted them silver!
Norah Tattersall, Headteacher

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