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Youths Help – Help Youths

2nd of December 2007

Are you a teenager or in your early 20s and wish to help aspects of village life? If so read on. The Parish Council and others in the community wish to promote you, the younger generation, to take a greater and more active part in the running of our village, its institutions and sports clubs. There may be something you would like to do but do not know who to approach (such as a sport) or you may have the ability to assist (you may for instance have a little IT experience that may be helpful) or may be you just would like to try something new (helping in an office, shop or garden centre). Many of these activities would not only bring you experience, they may be more enjoyable than you think, but more importantly, they may be good for your CV and eventual employment.
And what about you past-it teenagers? I mean you older generation. You might (depending on your age) remember what it was like with time on your hands when you were young and now wish you had played this game or participated in that activity. Well, could you introduce someone to your sport or offer a young person say half a days activity indoors (or out) helping you for, perhaps but not necessarily, a little pocket money (and I am not advocating a bob-a-job type thing – I mean serious mental or physical work).
Have I got you interested? Well both young and old think about it and give me, Graham, a ring on 01923 269915. And parents, you think hard as to what you can contribute or give your youngster a push. If I do not hear anything immediately – I will be back after Christmas to hassle you all again do not fear.
Graham McMellin

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