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2nd of December 2007

Although we were well looked after by visiting priests during Fr. Desmonds holiday, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed him home. The older members of the congregation had been reminded of the days before we were a “proper” community when slightly confused priests would arrive early Sunday morning to be ferried between Chipperfield, Bovingdon and Kings Langley to say masses for our scattered rural areas.
This memory will make 8 January a happy celebration, as it will be exactly 30 years ago when we were declared a “Pastoral Area”. No one knew what the title meant as we were more familiar with the word “Parish”, so we have made history here in Chipperfield. It may well catch on around the country as more churches have to combine.
On Friday 2 November, 2 tons of medical supplies were shipped out to Daar-el-Salaam. Most of the supplies were in the form of pain-killers to be used in the only Hospital giving cancer treatment in the whole of Tanzania. So many of Fr. Desmonds friends have worked and donated to make this happen.
Christmas Services are, as always:
24 December 11:30pm Midnight Mass preceded by carol singing
25 December 9am and 11 am Morning Masses

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