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2nd of December 2007

December is busy! That I guess no one would argue with and we yearn for a slower pace, to reflect and remember what it is all about. But actually at the birth of Christ it cannot have been quiet and slow, it would have been noisy with all those animals and shepherds trampling in and out of the dirty smelly stable, all that stuff? on the floor, not the most hygienic place to bring a baby into this world. Mary tired and worried about her new born, Joseph pacing up and down stressing about getting some quiet for his wife and crying child, and then in walk three well dressed and well meaning wise men with their caravan of camels, just to add to the affray.
For me this just proves how much God identifies with us, that he knows what life can be, how out of control and how much it can get on top of us.
Thankfully he is not removed and distant from all that life can throw at us and in Christmas we see him entering into LIFE with all it’s baggage, all its stress, all its worries and is with us in all our desires. That is something we can celebrate, not the consumerism or hype but in giving and receiving of love and a knowledge of His presence at this time.
When it is all over and the celebrations and noise are dying down we can slow the pace a little and spend the New Year reflecting on what a difference one life can make and maybe just maybe identify with God as much as he does with us.
During the Advent period there will be lots of times to stop and hopefully you will take up an invitation from Chipperfield Baptist Church to “Return to Church” and join us at an informal all age cafĂ© style service being held at 4.00pm on Sunday December 16th
Love, Jason The Man in the Manse

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