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St Paul's And Holy Cross

2nd of December 2006

Jim Stevens ponders…..
….a few weeks ago Judy and I learnt, to our great joy, that we are to be grandparents for the first time, in the Spring. We were thrilled at the news, and have already seen a scan of this little one. What an amazing thing this process of conception and development of a new life is!
Once the first flush of excitement at this news had passed, I began to think afresh of what sort of world our grandchild would inherit. What would his or her world be like on reaching my age? I sense every generation asks this at these sorts of times in life, but, as far as I can tell, how we handle this lovely planet’s resources now is a question of the utmost importance, even more than some of the issues our forebears had to face and go through.  How do we respond to the whole issue of global warming and climate change?
I think there are two erroneous responses. The first is simply to ignore it, and carry on regardless, thinking there is nothing I can do which will make any impact. I recall someone saying “evil prospers when good people do nothing”. The second is to become crippled with fear over the issue. I have to acknowledge I have sensed both reactions, over these last few weeks.
So how do we handle this sensibly? May I make a few suggestions? Each of us does something personally which lessens his or her consumption of the world’s resources (e.g. use the car less and walk more, even buy a car with much smaller engine capacity, reduce our heating bills – put on an extra pullover instead….)
When we are personally involved, conversations with those in positions of greater power and influence have greater impact; and we should be involved there, to encourage those in authority and who make policy…..locally…. internationally….
PRAY! This is still God’s world – not just ours – He loves it, and us, despite the mess we so often make of it! He is able to change people’s attitudes and actions, however intransigent they may be! I am reminded of William Wilberforce, who was sufficiently personally moved to work for the abolition of slavery. He faced real opposition, he prayed consistently – he was a devout Christian man – and in time saw things changed.
A happy Christmas and New Year to you…and to our grandchildren for many years to come.
Jim Stevens

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