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Poppy Appeal 2006

2nd of December 2006

It is hard to believe, but our magnificent total is ten percent up on year at an incredible �3,603. It may be that many people are realising the increasing need for the Legion, as the casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan escalate. At the party for Poppy Appeal collectors, the bright smile of a ten-year-old girl brought in an extra �31 from those present. I have marked her down as a future collector. This year several faithful helpers had to give up, but the gaps were soon filled, including one by a 30-something girl with twin toddlers (who probably enhanced her takings)! We certainly need to recruit younger helpers, as the indomitable 80-pluses approach the age of 90. (Just give me a ring on 01923 267515.)
Thanks indeed to everyone who trudged round the houses – mercifully in slightly better weather than usual – and to all the churches and shop- and innkeepers. If as a helper you are asked (as I sometimes am) “Do you ever give up?”, please answer “No!”. Those who risk their lives and health in the course of duty don’t, and nor do those who care for them.                             Anne Wyburd

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