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Jack Ronald Petherick

2nd of December 2006

10 September 1919 – 31 October 2006
Ron, as he was known to most people, was born in Berkhamsted and lived there until March 1938 when he joined the Royal Corps of Signals.  As those who read the article “My War” published about a year ago in the  Chipperfield News will know, he became a Sergeant and had 8 years service with the army, and was a Dunkirk and El Alamein veteran.
His long and happy connection with Chipperfield began when he worked as a conductor on the buses, based at the depot at Two Waters, Apsley.  It was there, in early 1950, that he met Joyce Parfitt, a Chipperfield girl, who worked in the office.  They married in December 1950 and had two children, David in October 1951 and Carol in March 1955. 
When they first married, Ron and Joyce lived at Courtaulds with Joyce’s parents, then moved, in early 1952, to Nunfield.  In 1958 they became one of the first residents on the new “Croft Estate” when they moved to Croft Lane, where they have lived since.
Ron continued working on the buses until 1958 and then moved to the Abbot printing works at Kings Langley where he worked, first, as a packer and then as a storeman.  During this time, Ron got to know many village people through his ‘seasonal jobs’; he helped John Singleton, the fishmonger, with his rounds at Easter, and at Christmas helped with the plucking, dressing and packing of turkeys from Espley’s in Megg Lane.  In 1969 Ron moved to John Dickinson’s paper factory in Apsley, working as a print buyer until his retirement in 1984.
Ron got immense pleasure from working in his garden and, during his working years, spent as much time there as possible in the evenings and at weekends. This provided the perfect opportunity for him to talk to the children on the estate and the many passers-by who stopped to admire the garden, which was always maintained to a very high standard and provided a splash of colour whatever the time of year.   However, it was during his retirement that Ron really developed his extensive network of village friends; he thoroughly enjoyed talking with people that he met around the village and was always willing to take a break from his gardening to chat with people as they walked past.
It wasn’t Ron’s way to get involved in the village clubs, committees and organisations, but he made a valuable contribution to Chipperfield in his own unique way; his cheery greeting and chats over the garden hedge will be missed by very many people.                                                  Joyce, David and Carol

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