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Fun Cookery For Kids!

2nd of December 2006

October half term saw the introduction of cookery classes in the Village Hall aimed at children between 7 and 14. Run by Kate Pratt, a Food Technologist with 20 years experience, the classes were greeted with enthusiasm by budding Jamie Olivers all over the area. During the first two-hour session, the children made Salmon and Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes with a Leek and Butternut Squash Soup. During the break there was a quiz to test their sense of taste and smell by guessing what the 10 herbs were. Dan: “OH YUK, why did you make me try this? It’s disgusting!” (Tarragon). “This is lavender isn’t it?” (Rosemary).
At the second session, the children made Chicken Nuggets and Stuffed Baked Potatoes, again using ingredients from scratch. They also had to think about what foods do by fitting various foods into the right category of Fats, Carbohydrates or Proteins. “Butter – that’s a carbohydrate, isn’t it?” (Fat).
The feed-back has been tremendous with comments such as “Ben was very excited that he had done all the preparation as well as the cooking. The groups were a nice number.” “Maddie loved it and can’t wait to come again!”
The groups were limited to 6 children per session, so everyone was able to have a go no matter how much experience they had. Even the fussy eaters came out of their shells and tried what they had cooked.
Further sessions are planned during the Christmas holidays at Chipperfield Village Hall on December 18, 19, 20, 27 and 29. We will be attempting to cook a full roast dinner and make a Ginger Bread House (not at the same session!). Please contact Kate on 01442 394644 to book a place. Other venues and dates also available.

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