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Chipperfield Theatre Group Pantomime

2nd of December 2006

Chipperfield Village Hall
 January 25-27

Chipperfield Theatre Group’s 2007 Pantomime will be The Pompeii Panto by Jim Sperink. This is the last Panto written by Jim Sperink who sadly died earlier this year. This hilarious Pantomime is kindly sponsored by Wilsons of Bovingdon and will be directed by Lisa Callcut.
The Pompeii Panto is a modern script that follows a traditional Pantomime format without a castle or a fairy in sight. For those of you who might find this a little confusing, I’ll explain. The baddie is Bilius, an over-ambitious senator, the King is Nero, an ineffective ruler, the witch, Amnesia, is an unloved soothsayer and the Pantomime horse is, in fact, a lion!!
Now that is clear you are ready for the plot. Bilius wants to poison Nero to advance his own career and Vanilla (the Dame) wants to marry into money so targets Nero with a love potion. Finally Amnesia produces a memory elixir to get Bilius to forget about her rent arrears. What could be simpler than delivering the three different potions to the correct targets at the right time? Well nothing, unless you are in Panto-world where nothing goes right and just about everyone almost gets thrown to the lions! Of course, like all good pantomimes, there is a happy ending and we have great fun getting there.
Book early to get the best available seats. Performances start at 7.45pm each evening, with a matinee performance on Saturday 27th January starting at 2.45pm The Box Office opens to the public on Monday 4th December. Tickets are from �5.50 – �8.00. Box Office:  0870 7702496

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