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2nd of November 2006

At present, 80% of liquid milk consumed in the UK is home produced and we have one of the highest standards in the world for milk production, both in terms of quality and animal welfare.
Ten years ago British dairy farms were paid 24.5p per litre. Despite rises in production costs dairy farms now receive an average 18.4p per litre, with many farmers losing 2p on every litre of milk leaving their farms.
In 1995 there were over 28,000 dairy farms in England and Wales. By 2005 there were fewer than 15,000 and almost a third of dairy farmers intend to leave the industry within the next 2 years. Many dairy farms are going bankrupt and if this continues we could see the end of milk production in this country within the next few years.
It seems strange that at a time when so many people are concerned about the quality of the food they eat, when the Government is concerned about the rise of obesity and funds campaigns for healthy eating that few people are aware that supplies of good quality, home produced milk are at risk. Do we want to drink imported milk?

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