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God's Acre

2nd of November 2006

Until recently I have been too busy living to worry about my funeral arrangements but now as the years creep up on me and my joints begin to creak, my thoughts occasionally drift to my eventual funeral plans. I guess that like many people the main issue is do I want a burial or should I go for cremation?
On my walks past St. Paul’s churchyard on bright sunny days I often think that this would be my ideal final resting place but recently my thoughts have switched to “will there be any room for me?”. In the last few years the old path has been turned into plots but now this too is coming to an end and shortly there will be no plots left. The obvious answer would be to extend the churchyard, taking in more of the Common. This land is owned by Dacorum Borough Council and enquiries lead me to believe that Dacorum has little enthusiasm to address the legal hurdles required to transfer common land for  use as a cemetery, for as long as it provides a municipal cemetery in Hemel Hempstead the Borough fulfils its legal obligations.
I am told that St. Paul’s Church is looking at re-using the old, un-marked plots around the church building. An emotive issue for many and mixed feelings for me too. If I opt for burial do I not want my remains to rest in peace for eternity, not just for 150 years? Another option would be for the village to acquire a plot of land away from St. Paul’s which could be turned into a new cemetery.
As in life, death does not bring any easy answers but I do know that time is running out for decisions to be made if Chipperfield people wish their final resting place to be in the village. Please will someone ask the people of the village what they want?

This article was submitted by J.S. and no address was supplied.  Chipperfield News does not normally publish anonymous contributions but it does raise an important issue and I know that many residents are concerned about the future of the churchyard and the future provision for both graves and the interment of ashes. Chipperfield News would be pleased to receive other comments both for publication and/or to pass on to the Parochial Church Council

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