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2nd of November 2006

A case of white satin
Father Des returned at the end of September from his annual visit to his brother Terry in Tanzania. In addition to his single man’s tropical kit – modestly contained in a small bag, he also took a near portmanteau-sized case!
Curiosity would have been raised had the contents of that case been revealed for within were ten, yes ten, wedding dresses – all complete with bridal veils and other accessories. Those of us who knew the contents of the bag beforehand were quite concerned lest an overzealous customs inspector might jump to entirely the wrong conclusions and Fr. Des might end up as one more item of bad press for the Catholic Church.
The reason for the dresses is the celebration in June next year of the fiftieth anniversary of the church in the mission area, which includes Fr. Terry’s parish of Chingulungulu. Part of the celebration will be a grand Nuptial Mass with the marriages of ten couples, – hence the ten dresses. White weddings have become a tradition in Tanzania and an expensive one for all but few of the local people. Weddings tend to be put off until the money can be saved for the all-important dress and other trappings as custom now demands.
Two years ago Fr. Terry took back three dresses, small, medium and large which could be loaned free of charge to the brides to be whatever their size, who with help from the local seamstresses could have their white wedding sooner rather than later. The scheme has worked well, but with ten weddings at the one time it was once again Fr. Des, and generous donors from Chipperfield, Sarratt and elsewhere who came to the rescue.
Best wishes to the couples concerned, and to the church in Chingulungulu!  
Parish Quiz
November 17th (Friday) is the date set for our annual parish Quiz Night and Supper.
This year our venue is Ley Hill Memorial Hall. We look forward to another jolly round of mind teasers to be solved in company with members of our parish and friends – anyone in fact who wants to join in the fun.
Tickets �6.50 each from Fr Des, Nora Perry 01494 771304 or Katy Nolan 01923 262646.

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