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Rudolph Steiner School Say They Opened In 1949. Wrong

12th of December 2005

I just noticed from the Chipperfield site map the website of the Rudolph Steiner School in Kings Langley. I tuned in.

They say they opened in 1949. Wrong!

So I sent the following e-mail to the principal (ok, so it’s Sunday today).

“Excuse me, but I and my sister went to your “Green School” (aka “do-as-you-like school”) before the end of the Second World War. I remember hearing the news of the A-bomb falling in Japan while on your grounds, even.

I played Puck in the school play, my first venture into acting. The year would have been, I think, 1942.

There was a teacher, Miss Compton-Burnett.

She used to teach Eurhythmics (“The Angels can understand this . . .”). I always remember a little schoolmate running around the students’ circle challenging the teacher to catch him.

On the corner I had a friend who lived in the house (John Wall was his name) next to the one with the last remains of King Richard’s palace in their front garden. We used to play Robin Hood. I was Errol Flynn.

My daughter now lives in Norfolk, and teaches at one of your schools up there.

Anyway, I think you should adjust your year of opening down from 1949. At that point, I was about to start National Service.

Oh yes, I graduated to Watford Grammar School from yours.

And I lived in Chipperfield.

I now live in California. Much warmer, but with Hemel Hempstead smog and noise.

Cheers, and best regards, and a Happy Christmas,

John Clark”

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