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10th of December 2005

I just got a message at my website from the daughter of Lew Channer, mentioned previously.

In her message, here unaltered, she said “Hopefully you are the same john clark who mentioned my Dad in a recent posting on the message board in Chippefield on line. If you are then please be assured that you did spell his name correctly although I can not imagine my Dad terrorising anyone. I am pleased to say that he is alive and well and still lives in the village. He is a much loved dad of a son and daughter, he has two grandsons and a grandaughter, and the apples of his eye are his two great grandsons. Hope this finds you well and apologies if you are not the same guy, although I did obtain this link from your letter posted on the message board.
Kindest Regards
Lew’s daughter”

I have sent her the following by e-mail:

“Dear Trudi,

You made my day!

To a nine year old and his eleven year old sister Sonia, living in a caravan during the war on farmer Jones’s field at the end of the footpath that runs by the old Chestnut tree (is it still there?), trying to get to the village and having their way barred by Lew and his friends standing leaning on their bicycles right by the cricket pavilion, causing us to turn and run back home to get Daddy to escort them into the village – well, to us they were terrorists, teen-aged to be sure. At least they weren’t on motorbikes, and they never did follow us home.

We can all laugh about it now, but that’s the way it was, back in 1941 and 1942.

I want you to give Lew my compliments of the season, I’m glad he’s mellowed out (I haven’t, really) and I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas.

Forgive me, but this deserves posting on Chipperfield’s very excellent website.” [and is the best use of an ex-villager’s forum].

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