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Trafalgar 200

2nd of December 2005

A brave and patriotic display of bunting greeted our arrival at the Village Hall. In a prominent position across the stage, Guy Whalley had strung up Nelson’s immortal Trafalgar signal on the previous afternoon. This put the finishing touch to weeks of meticulous preparation by a hardworking team, and tragically it was to be the last act of his life. After much heart-searching it was decided that the show must go on in modified form, and even though he was not there to play the star role of Nelson, Guy was ever present in our thoughts at all stages of this carefully-rehearsed evening.

Tables named after ships of the line were gaily decked out with boatfuls of flowers, feathers and union jacks. A beautiful handmade model of HMS Victory was displayed centre-stage, to set the scene for a very accomplished presentation of Nelson’s life by the performers whose readings from contemporary journals, letters and poems were highlighted with audio-visual illustrations on the screen and accompanied by appropriate songs. Accounts of the great sea battles which brought lasting fame to Nelson and his band of brothers were vividly brought to life by professionally synchronised sound effects, culminating in the final engagement at Trafalgar which was very movingly presented.

After this feast for our ears and eyes, we were served with a delicious supper by attractive young people who circulated around the supper tables selling raffle tickets. Finally, a chorus of singers in nautical gear invited us to end this memorable celebration with a patriotic singsong, and all of us in the Village Hall did our best to bring the evening to a rousing close.

Mary Stirling

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