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Traidcraft At St Paul's

2nd of October 2005

Traidcraft is part of the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY alliance and was established in 1979 to fight poverty through trade. By selling products and providing support Traidcraft helps workers and farmers across Africa, Asia and Latin America build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.
The charity, Traidcraft Exchange, has been involved in setting up trading companies and facilitating links between poor producers and international buyers and demonstrating that it is possible to run a good business without exploiting people. Producers often lack the knowledge and skills to access markets and they are provided with information, training and consultancy.
Poor producers have to overcome huge barriers – including the rules that govern world trade. Traidcraft’s experience enables them to talk with authority to governments and big business about the need for change and how it can be achieved. Its supporters underpin this by campaigning and raising awareness.
Doubt is often expressed about whether help gets where it is needed. Traidcraft encourages its supporters to go and see for themselves by arranging People to People tours – meeting producers, visiting sites of historical and cultural interest and experiencing the countryside and wildlife.
Thousands of people across the UK support the mission of fighting poverty through trade – buying products, running Traidcraft stalls, giving talks or making a donation to the charity.
On Sunday 16 October there will be a Traidcraft sale at St Paul’s after the 10.30 Communion service. If you would like a catalogue or more information about Traidcraft please telephone 01923 262468.

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