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2nd of October 2005

Road drains and gullies
Hertfordshire Highways plan to clean out all road drains and gullies during November. As they cannot confirm dates at this stage, please ensure that no vehicles are parked over road drains for any length of time during the day as this will prevent access. Please report to the Parish Clerk any road drains outside or near your premises that appear to be blocked by grass, soil or leaves so they can be dug out prior to cleaning.
Chipperfield Common Woodland Walk
This has traditionally taken place in the autumn. Phillip Russell, the Woodlands Officer who usually leads the walk, has now left DBC to take up a forestry post in New Zealand. His replacement will not be appointed for some weeks and the annual walk has therefore been postponed until the spring next year.
New litter bins and notice boards Residents will be aware that replacement litter bins have, at last, been installed throughout the village. The type selected, with lids, is to prevent animals, birds and the wind from scattering the contents over the village. Unfortunately, DBC is having problems engaging contractors to erect our new notice boards. We are assured they are “coming soon”.
Village craftsmen required
The Parish Council is having great difficulty finding firms or craftsmen willing to undertake minor maintenance jobs round the village. (e.g. repairing the finger-post sign on The Common and the bench at Apostles Pond). If there are any local firms, local craftsmen or people (still at work or retired) capable of undertaking this kind of basic repair work, please contact the Parish Clerk. You will be asked to give an estimate for the cost of the work required and provide a simple invoice on completion, prior to payment. The Parish Council know that residents are concerned about the appearance of our village and would like to employ local people to work with us to achieve a high standard of general maintenance.
Chapel Croft
Herts Highways have almost completed work renovating the corner of Chapel Croft and Kings Lane. We await the new notice boards from DBC! The double yellow lines and waiting restrictions are now in force and this should improve safety for both pedestrians and cars.

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