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Trafalgar 200 A Village Celebration

19th of December 2005

On Saturday 29 October, eight days after the 200th anniversary of the battle, a show of readings and music with slides and sound effects was performed in Chipperfield Village Hall before some 100 people. On the previous afternoon, Guy Whalley, one of the principal organisers, who was also to play the part of Nelson, collapsed […]

Rudolph Steiner School Say They Opened In 1949. Wrong

12th of December 2005

I just noticed from the Chipperfield site map the website of the Rudolph Steiner School in Kings Langley. I tuned in. They say they opened in 1949. Wrong! So I sent the following e-mail to the principal (ok, so it’s Sunday today). “Excuse me, but I and my sister went to your “Green School” (aka […]

My Chuckle For The Day

10th of December 2005

I just got a message at my website from the daughter of Lew Channer, mentioned previously. In her message, here unaltered, she said “Hopefully you are the same john clark who mentioned my Dad in a recent posting on the message board in Chippefield on line. If you are then please be assured that […]

Be Aware Of A New Hi-jacking Scheme

2nd of December 2005

Here’s what they do: You return to your car left in a car park, unlock your car and get in, start the engine and shift into Reverse. When you look in the rear view mirror to back out of your parking space you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear […]

New Licensing Laws

2nd of December 2005

The new licensing laws came into effect at the end of November and all licensed premises are obliged to display notices giving times of opening. If you are disturbed by noise, bad behaviour or have any other concerns, you should contact the Environmental Health Helpline on 01442 228455.


2nd of December 2005

Would you like to know more about Alzheimer’s and the support that is available to those who suffer from this disease and their families? Norma Dean from the Dacorum Branch of the Alzheimer’s Society will be talking to members of the Evening WI in the Village Hall on Wednesday 18 January. If you would like […]

Chipperfield Within Living Memory

2nd of December 2005

Chipperfield Telephone Exchange On page 57 of Chipperfield Within Living Memory Mary Moore tells us about the Chipperfield Telephone Exchange, which was situated in the Iron Room. This stood at the back of the Red Admiral and next to Inglenook opposite the War Memorial. Now thanks to research carried out be two members of the […]

Nick Nicholson

2nd of December 2005

Nick Nicholson was born in 1928 and grew up in Ruislip where he attended the Pinner County School. He was a member of the local church choir and a very keen member of the Boy Scout movement. On leaving school, he joined the Air Force to do his National Service and then went on to […]

Guy Ainsworth Whalley

2nd of December 2005

Can there be a friend that one never forgets? Yes, never? Guy Whalley died a week ago last Friday. After putting up decorations for the celebration of Admiral Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar, in which he was to play a leading role, he climbed down the ladder and died within the hour. Guy was a man […]

Baptist Church

2nd of December 2005

Our Church Anniversary Service was a great inspiration and encouragement to us all. It was led by Rev. Joe Kapolyo who is at present Principal of All Nations Christian College. He has a great sense of humour but also a concern for the work of our Church. In October, Rev. Bill Hewis, who represents The […]

St Paul's And Holy Cross

2nd of December 2005

“We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: Good tidings we bring, to you and your kin…..” Pictures of carol singers in deep snow, with lanterns to light their way, will no doubt adorn most of our homes in one way or another this festive season. Christmas…and…New Year. Any connections? Well, obviously […]

Limited Waiting In Chapel Croft

2nd of December 2005

The limited waiting restrictions (20 minutes in 1 hour) in Chapel Croft have now come into effect. These restrictions include the parking bay opposite Alexandra Road.

In Your Garden

2nd of December 2005

Gardeners do not get much time off during the winter months because this time of the year is when we prepare for the coming seasons. As long as weather permits we should be clearing up the rubbish, weeding, cutting back plants, dividing perennials and of course making compost. The vegetable garden should be dug and […]

Trafalgar 200

2nd of December 2005

A brave and patriotic display of bunting greeted our arrival at the Village Hall. In a prominent position across the stage, Guy Whalley had strung up Nelson’s immortal Trafalgar signal on the previous afternoon. This put the finishing touch to weeks of meticulous preparation by a hardworking team, and tragically it was to be the […]

Overhanging Hedges

2nd of December 2005

There are a number of places in the village where bushes and trees overhang pavements and footpaths and make walking past very difficult, particularly on dark, wet and windy days. Residents are reminded that if they have hedges or shrubs along their boundaries with pavements, roads, or footpaths, they should ensure that growth is cut […]

Village People

2nd of December 2005

GRACE BIGNALL would like to thank everyone who supported the Macmillan Coffee Morning on September 30 at which #305 was raised. Thanks also to all the helpers, the people who generously gave donations and prizes, the Baptist Church for the use of the Church hall, and the Catholic Church for the use of their car […]

Noise, Vandalism And Anti-social Behaviour

2nd of December 2005

From time to time we are all affected by the thoughtless behaviour of other people in the village. Unless these incidents are reported and logged, there is no evidence that they have taken place and the Parish Council cannot press for action to be taken. I urge all residents to register their complaints by reporting […]

Chipperfield Horticultural Society

2nd of December 2005

This year we had some wonderful entries in our photographic sections at all three shows. These classes have proved to be very popular and the subjects for 2006 have been chosen and are listed below. They have a very broad spectrum and we hope that you will find at least one subject that will appeal […]

Church Memorials In Chipperfield

2nd of December 2005

A survey of the memorials at St Paul’s Church and the Baptist Church has just been published by the Hertfordshire Family History Society. This includes inscriptions of graves in the churchyards and their location as far as is possible together with details of wall tablets/plaques and window dedications. The price is #4 and copies are […]

Christmas Fayre In Flaunden

2nd of December 2005

A Christmas Fayre will be held on Saturday 3 December from 2pm – 5pm in Flaunden Village Hall. We will be having a variety of stalls selling gifts and goodies. A Santa’s Grotto for the children. Mince pies and Gluhwein as well as teas, coffees etc. There will also be an activity table for children […]