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Jean Kirkpatrick

2nd of December 2004

21.06.1930 – 12.10.2004
Jean Bunyan was born at Gowan Lodge, Tower Hill where she lived until she married John Kirpatrick in 1954 and moved to Overdale, Dunny Lane. The Bunyans have long connections with Chipperfield and the family is mentioned in any book or article written about the village. Indeed Jean once likened herself to a stick of rock with Chipperfield running through it!
After leaving school, she worked as a telex operator at Bovingdon Airfield and also did some training at the renowned Bletchley Park. Jean’s interests were very varied and she was an avid reader, keen gardener, expert on local history and wonderful cook. The church and the Women’s Institute were the two prime pillars of Jean’s life and she was President of the W.I. for three consecutive years.
As a child Jean had always had breathing difficulties and as a young woman was diagnosed with TB and had subsequent serious lung surgery. This was to prove to be a big problem in later life as her asthma became more serious and lung capacity failed. But Jean was a fighter, she never complained and coped with fortitude and courage. After a difficult year, she died at her home which she loved on Tuesday, 12th October.
Jean Kirkpatrick was a very special lady, she saw people for who they were and not what they were, titles and status meant little to her. Jean lived the life she wanted to live and loved the life she lived. God bless you and keep you Jean, may you rest in peace reunited with your beloved John.
Diane Parry & Jackie Tydeman

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