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Some Stress Relief For You And Your Pets!

2nd of December 2003

I suppose I’ve always had an interest in alternative therapies, as a child I used to collect minerals and semi-precious stones not realising their healing properties. When my horse was diagnosed with arthritis a few years ago his recovery was helped by a homeopathic vet and Reiki treatments. In fact all my pets wear magnotherapy collars, which help a range of ailments including arthritis, skin disorders, it even helps my nervous cat!
I decided to become a therapist myself and currently offer Reiki and Crystal therapy treatments, plus 1 am also a distributor for Bioflow© magnotherapy products.
We all seem to live such busy lives, so what better way to de-stress and unwind with a Reiki or Crystal treatment? After a treatment it will leave you feeling relaxed and in many cases your aches and pains completely gone.
Each treatment lasts approximately one hour and, as I live in Bovingdon. I offer a fully mobile service for the surrounding villages, so you don’t even have to take a step out of your own front door! t also offer treatments for horses and have known it to help many issues including behaviour problems and can help to assist healing after an accident or illness.
So perhaps if you are feeling stressed about Christmas or even stuck for gift ideas then why not treat yourself, a friend or relative, plus not forgetting your beloved horses and pets too!!!
For further information please contact me – Lora Burrowes on 01442 831601 Mobile: 07786 784190

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