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2nd of December 2003

No, it is NOT going to be closed down. However, I cannot emphasise enough that it is a case of USE IT OR LOSE IT. For all our benefit, listed below are a few transactions that you can use the Post Office for.
Despite all the publicity and fear of the benefits being paid into banks, this is NOT true. You can still get your cash from the Post Office. Please talk to me for guidance.
If you bank with Barclays. Lloyds TSB, Cahoot or Co-op, then you can get cash, deposit cash/cheques at the Post Office without any charge or commission.
You can get foreign currency and travellers’ cheques from the Post Office (allow ?-3 days to order).
Obtain your travel insurance cover immediately; Chipperfield being an onĀ­line office can issue your policy straight away.
Get your E11 l forms (for medical needs in Europe) from us.
Renew your TV licence.
Pay your gas, BT or electricity bills. National savings accounts where deposits/withdrawals can be made over the counter.
Buy Premium Bonds, Children’s Bonus Bonds etc.
Finally, don’t forget the shop, as the one cannot survive without the other. The shop sells anything from shoelaces to greetings cards, newspapers, fresh fruit and vegetables, off-licence and many, many more convenience items. You can also do your own photocopying and arrange for prescriptions to be sent direct to Chipperfield for collection.
So please remember USE IT OR LOSE IT. 1 cannot imagine our village without the local Post Office and Store.
Bipin Pathal- Sub postmaster, Chipperfield Post Office

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The best Post Office/Store imaginable, a closure would create a riot!!!

March 19, 2010

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