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The End Of Chipperfield Art Group ?

2nd of November 2003

The Chipperfield Art Group has been in existence since the early 1960s and during this period has brought together not only artists, potters and people interested in crafts of all kinds, but people just generally keen on art for its own sake. It has been a friendly, easy-going association bringing a lot of pleasure to many people.

Sadly, as with so many village enterprises, it becomes more and more difficult to find new people to take on the job of running the group. In the last few years many of our members have either left the district,or, sadly, been unable to continue through ill health. Death too has taken its toll.

The exhibition this year was the last one that Rita Musk and I will be running as we both feel that it is time to re-organise the group, if the will is there. With so much talent in our area, surely there must be younger people out there willing to form a new group? The Youth Club is an excellent meeting place and the Annual Exhibition on August Bank Holiday is a well-known fixture in the village calendar.

There is some £500 in the Groups bank account and we have decided to hold this money for 12 months in the hope that a phoenix will rise from the ashes. Should this happen, Rita and I will be only too pleased to offer advice should it be needed. We have one last meeting on 10 December which is purely social, with a good raffle, food and drinks. Anyone interested to come will be most welcome – just contact either Rita (01923 263525) or me, Joan Sellwood (01923 265236)

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