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Aircraft Noise

2nd of November 2003

Yes – we are persecuted by aircraft noise, especially helicopters, which seem to use our house as a beacon -every flight, in any direction, seems to pass directly overhead, and needlessly low. They are frequent enough and noisy enough to constitute a real nuisance, and we agree that (like all traffic!) they have increased greatly. I don’t suppose we can complain about flightpaths of airliners, which presumably are a fact of life around here. And I must admit that the horrible light aircraft doing aerobatics have been less of a nuisance this year – previously we have had them looping the loop directly overhead, but they now seem to favour Sarratt as a victim..
Evelyn Cibula
Little Hilbre, Bucks Hill
I have received a number of comments from residents about noisy aeroplanes, particularly helicopters, following my article in last months Chipperfield News.

I do know that the beacons for the Bovingdon Stacking area have been altered slightly, which may account for the different flight paths of higher flying commercial aircraft. It would be unrealistic to think that Heathrow air traffic control could direct aeroplanes round, instead of over, Chipperfield! However, I shall try to find out more about helicopter routes, contact the noise pollution agencies on behalf of the village and publish my findings as soon as possible. Liz Holliday Chairman, Chipperfield Parish Council

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