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St Pauls School Report

2nd of November 2002

A great deal happens at St Pauls Primary School in a short period of time and it is time to update you!
Foundation Unit. During the summer, 4 classes changed places so that we could develop a new Foundation Unit comprising our Nursery and Reception classes. This involved more than just moving furniture, as the Foundation classes also need their own enclosed outdoor play area. This was completed during August and is shared by both classes. The Foundation Unit is working very well indeed and is providing quality experiences for our children at the start of their school lives.

Arts Week. Just before the summer break, we enjoyed a superb, action-packed Arts Week during which the children experienced a variety of activities, helped by staff and visitors. We were pleased to welcome a number of local artists into school. Activities included mosaic making, jump dance routines, photography, percussion, flute and theatre workshops, storytelling, T-shirt designs, working with artists, sculpture and card making. A mosaic made by all of the children now greets visitors as they approach the front of the school. It looks fantastic. With so much emphasis placed upon Numeracy and Literacy in the school day, we must not neglect the creative side of the curriculum and occasionally it is good to dedicate a whole week to a specific focus such as this. We are extremely grateful to all those who helped during Arts Week. New Building. We are hoping that our new classroom building project will start early in the new year. As with all major building projects, time scales are difficult to determine, but we would certainly hope to move Year 2 into their new room during the spring/summer 2003. Beyond that, we will be able to develop our ICT suite in the original classroom. We are very excited about this project and cant wait for the work to begin.
We hope to see some of you at St Pauls School as we approach our annual fireworks evening and Christmas events. Lyndon Evans, Headteacher

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