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Crimewatch In Chipperfield

2nd of November 2002

Many residents are concerned about crime and anti-social behaviour by youths in the village. Our local Community Team Officer, WPC Michelle Buttleman, has sent us the following information to let residents know about recent police activity in the area. During the week 15-22 September five incidents were recorded in Chipperfield including one burglary, one abandoned vehicle and one arrest enquiry. There was also one recorded crime, a burglary, during the same period. Four police officers attended these incidents.
There has also been a lot of concern about the activities of groups of young people in both Chipperfield and Bovingdon. The police have received numerous complaints of young people causing damage, lighting fires and creating a general nuisance, often leaving evidence behind of alcohol and drug abuse. The police have sent a letter to the parents of all youths seen in the areas where problems have occurred, warning them that if the problems persist the Community Team will impose more forceful ways to impose good and sensible behaviour. WPC Buttleman will also be asking for assistance from Community Team Officers and Intervention Team Officers to detain and search local youths where necessary.

All residents are asked to help the police by reporting incidents. If you see a crime being committed dial 999; if you have information you wish to report contact the Community Team office on 01442 271012.

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