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The Third Millennium For Care In Chipperfield

2nd of October 2001

A telephone call taken recently by a duty officer for Chipperfield Care was the 3000th received in the relatively short life of this voluntary good neighbour scheme run by and for Chipperfield people. Started in 1988, we aim to provide practical help to people, young and old, who may have difficulty coping and for all those in a time of crisis or emergency. The extent of our service is determined by one factor – if we can find a volunteer prepared to meet a specific request, then the service will be provided.
As one might expect, elderly people in the village are the principal users of the services of Chipperfield Care, particularly for transport to doctors surgeries and for regular hospital visits. However, we are available to help residents of all ages.
You may know of someone who lives near you who needs the kind of help we can meet or be aware of new residents in the village who might not know of this service or who might wish to volunteer as a driver or to help in some other way. To volunteer, please call our organiser on 01923 269882.
To make contact for assistance you should phone 01923 264700. You will hear a message which gives the telephone number of the volunteer duty officer for that day, who is available Monday to Friday between 9.OOam and 4.OOpm to take calls. (Services are not restricted to these hours). The duty officer will seek to find a volunteer to carry out your request and it helps greatly if you can give us at least two days notice. Where transport is involved a small charge is made, for example £1.25 for the return journey to a doctors surgery in Bovingdon or Kings Langley. Donald Main

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