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Poppy Appeal

2nd of October 2001

This year the Royal British Legion celebrates its 80th year on active service and the need for the Poppy Appeal remains as strong as ever. In its first year, 1921, the Appeal raised £106,000. Last year, with your help the total exceeded £20 million.
Residential and convalescent homes care for ex-service men and women who are no longer able to care for themselves. Each year over 600 holidays are provided for the severely disabled and the Appeal allows for grants to be made to over 5000 permanently incapacitated people and widows.
The Legion is also the largest private employer of disabled people in the UK. This includes the Poppy Factory where over 35 million poppies are made each year.
A nationwide network of support operates through over 3000 Legion Branches and involves over 20,000 volunteers. Special attention is given to the long-term sick and the housebound. Service men and women are there to defend us and our freedom. They are young people and always have been, usually under the age of 30. When they are called on to fight, and if necessary die, they will. Many have to bear the effects of service in later life and it is for them that the Poppy Appeal exists. Please give as much as you can afford to enable the Legion to help those who have given so much.
Patrick Gardiner
Secretary, Royal British Legion Chippetfield Branch
(Registered Charity No. 219279)

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