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2nd of May 2001

Although the Vernal Equinox, which occurred on 20 March, was the official start of spring, for me the first day of spring was ten days later. Friday 30 March was such a glorious day with one of those lovely evenings which had me in the garden until well after dusk listening to a blackbird singing his heart out. Mind you, that was just about all I could do as the ground was still too wet to work on. Later on the same evening I went up to the Village Hall to set up the tables for our Spring Show the following day. And what a successful show it was too! 41 exhibitors altogether and a steady stream of visitors who seemed to enjoy the event despite a temporary lack of toilet facilities.
If you havnt already done so, now is a good time to prune those Forsythia bushes. They flower on new wood, so just trim back this years faded flower stems. Strawberry beds will benefit from a good weeding and mulch with plastic or straw to protect the fruits which will be forming at the end of the month and it will soon be time to sow tender vegetables such as French Beans directly into the garden but do watch out for those unexpected late frosts.
John Hopkins

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