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Any Old Phone!

2nd of May 2001

Do you have any unused and out-dated mobile phones lurking in your home? Mobile phones contain potentially dangerous substances and most end up in landfill sites, doing nobody any good. A business called Cellular Reclamation collects old phones and batteries and regenerates them for second-hand users, mainly in the developing world. The materials in those that cannot be repaired are re-cycled.
Depending on their condition, phones can be worth between £5 and £30 each and – heres a way of making them earn their living twice over – you could choose to donate the money earned to Water Aid, so helping to provide the worlds poorest people with commodities we take for granted in Britain, safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene.
All you need to do is put your old phone in a jiffy bag, with a note of your name and address and a request that the money raised should be sent to Water Aid. Send it to:
Rob James, Water Aid Account, Cellular Reclamation Ltd., Unit One, Hardwood Court, Whitestone, Hereford, HR1 3NE.
In return you will receive a note of the value of your donation and Water Aid will receive the funds. If more than 10 old phones can be collected, for example from within a company, Cellular Reclaimation will come and pick them up. For further information phone Emily Boyd-Carpenter on 020 7793 4535.

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