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African Medical Mission

2nd of May 2001

News from the Transkei
At the Bedford Orthopaedic Centre work has started on a 60-bed spinal unit, renovations to the nurses home and another doctors residence. A new, young, Transkeian orthopaedic doctor started work in January and Sister Tandi and her team won the prize for the best run, best kept ward in the Umtata Hospital system for the second year running.
The Itipini Community Project was devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of Victoria Sindiswa, a much loved clinical assistant, last October. The AIDS awareness programme is struggling to continue following her loss. A new vehicle recently donated has proved invaluable for collecting and distributing weekly rations to the elderly and ill and transporting patients to the hospital and a grant from the First Rand Foundation has enabled a brand new orthopaedic drill to be purchased.

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