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Letters To The Editor Village Chest

2nd of December 2000

I am writing to you to support fully the views expressed in the letter from Tony Briselden which you published. I have lived in the village for eleven years, compared to many of your readers a very short time, but not until after our celebrations on Village Day had I, or my family, heard of something called The Village Chest.
I would have thought that after the excellent letter referred to above, a reply would have been sent to you for publication, even anonymously, to acquaint those of your readers who live in the village about this mysterious container! John Southworth
Editors note: At the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 13 November, the Parish Clerk confirmed that until the Trustees of The Village Chest reveal their identity it will be illegal for him, as responsible Finance Officer for the Parish Council, to pay over the monies the Council are holding for The Village Chest.

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