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School Report

2nd of November 2000

St. Pauls Primary School
At the end of the summer term 2000, we at St Pauls Primary School said goodbye to two members of the teaching staff. Miss Harris moved back to her home town in Devon, whilst Mrs. Jenkins started maternity leave. Both are greatly missed and we are immensely grateful to them for their contributions to the school during their time with us. Recently we were delighted to hear of the birth of Emily, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins. I know that Christine is missing the day to day contact with the school but she is nevertheless enjoying a well-earned break from teaching.
At the same time we have welcomed Mrs. Jackson, Miss Brown and Miss Foster to the school. Our new colleagues have settled very quickly and we feel fortunate that we were able to recruit such talented and committed staff.
In the second half of the autumn term Her Majestys Inspectors will inspect the school. This is a thorough inspection lasting a total of five days. It will focus upon the standards of teaching and learning in the school as well as the way in which the school is led and managed. It will also look at how the school cares for the children and prepares them for the next stage of their schooling. Inevitably, the inspection places greater stress upon staff and governors than usual and we will all be pleased when it is over! However, we feel sure that the team will identify the strengths of the school and we hope that the continued hard work or staff, pupils, governors and parents receives due recognition and credit. Watch this space!
Lyndon Evans, Headteacher

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