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2nd of December 1997

This is my first attempt at editing The Chipperfield News. In addition to grappling with the copy, I have never used desk-top publishing before and so this issue is the result of my “learning on the job”. Between working full-time and the usual domestic demands, I haven’t yet quite mastered the machinery. I hope, however, that you will forgive any errors and excuse me if you find some articles on different pages than is usual.
As a librarian, I am very keen on publishing information and so I hope you will find the details of various events Ive included to be useful.
I should like to thank Charlotte for her patience and Tony Briselden for his encouragement and practical help.
Any constructive comments you may have will be very useful and both Charlotte and I welcome contributions for future issues. Liz Holliday

From Mrs Janette Noonan, Toms Lane, Kings Langley
I recently attended the 50/50 Auction held to raise funds for St.Pauls Church. It was an interesting, enjoyable and at times exciting afternoon, thanks to the excellent auctioneer, Mr Graham Holt and his helpers. Like most folk there, I was lucky with a bid or two and helped the funds quite a bit!
My delight was short-lived however, when I returned to my car (a red Rover Metro J295 5PP). Someone in a larger vehicle had manoeuvred badly causing considerable damage to my drivers door. Should the guilty party read this, I would be most glad of a contribution towards repairs. If anyone witnessed the damage occuring, I would be glad to hear from them. My phone number is 01923 266921. I was parked in the car park near the church on The Common between 2pm and 6pm.
I am writing this in the hope and belief that there are still some people ‘who will do the right thing” given the opportunity. Thank you for reading this.

From Carol Petherick, Queensland, Australia
As some of you will know, I was back in Chipperfield for a few weeks in August and September. It was wonderful to be back ‘home and to be able to spend some time with family and friends. There were a few people that I wasnt able to catch-up with and Im sorry that I missed seeing them. Thanks mainly to the organization of others, I was at least able to spend a little time with a lot of people.
Id expected quite a few changes in and around the village, but was pleasantly surprised that there seemed so few. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and thanks to all those who stopped to chat with me and invited me into their homes. It made me feel as if Id been away no time at all, when its been, in fact, four years. That must be a good sign and it certainly felt marvellous to be able to pick-up with people as if it had been only a few weeks or months since Id last been speaking to them. I guess thats what coming home is all about.
I also made a rapid trip to Scotland and back, part work and part pleasure. I caught up with more friends and colleagues and in 20 days drove 2,200 miles and slept in 14 different beds! Im used to driving long distances: the week before last, a colleague and I drove over 2,000 miles in five days, but the driving here is very different to driving at home. I am certain that there is much more traffic on the roads than there was four years ago and everybody drives so fast – the maximum speed limit here is 60 mile per hour!
To say that I had an enjoyable time in the UK would be an understatement. But good things come to an end, and all too quickly it was time to say my farewells and return to my home here. Needless to say this wasnt an easy thing to do but I have wonderful memories (and lots of photos) of my visit to carry me through to the next visit. I dont know when that will be, but I will save hard and try to make it in less than the four years it took this time.
Thanks to all those who made me feel so much at home. I very much look forward to seeing you all again on my next visit. In the meantime, you will be in my thoughts and I send you my very best wishes for Christmas and the coming year.

Nell Berners-Price would like to thank all her kind friends for taking her to and from Church regularly over the last two years since moving to Commonwood. And also for the trips to the shops, the doctor, dentist etc. She also greatly appreciates the help from Chipperfield Care, particularly for a recent emergency at very short notice.

Bea Winfield writes ‘I would like to thank friends and neighbours in Chapel Croft for the cards and kind thoughts expressed at Kens passing and specially Mary Studley. who was a wonderful in help in my hour of need.

Con Packford sends her grateful thanks to the two kind strangers who came to her aid when she fell in Chapel Croft early in November.

Paul and Sally Thompson of The Mill House, Windmill Hill are delighted to announce the birth of their second daughter
Beatrix Victoria on Thursday 2nd October 1997 (weight 8lbs l4oz).

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