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!the Telephone Box On The Village Green!

2nd of November 1997

I could not believe my eyes on first seeing this. Who on earth gave planning permission for the village green to be so defaced? From any angle this box obstructs what used to be a clear view of the cottages, church and other surroundings.
Although no longer a resident, I lived here from childhood to adulthood and am still a regular visitor.
An old fashioned red phone box is very suitable for a village, but please relocate it to beside the postbox by the bus stop on the pavement where one could also shelter from the rain in it while awaiting a bus, or across the road from where it now stands to against the fence of the Two Brewers on what is already hardcore, and re-turf the stolen piece of village green.
I so agree with Stanley Farrow. Who did give permission, and have they lost the use of their eyes?
Yours sincerely,
V. Williams
Church Lane, Kings Langley

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