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John Elsworth Scott, Dsc

2nd of November 1997

Those who were fortunate enough to have attended the packed Thanksgiving Service for the life of John Scott at St. Pauls Church on the 1st October will already have heard the tributes which were paid to him then, but it would not be right that Chipperfield News should fail to add its own tribute, since, in its early days, he contributed much to the success of the village newspaper by his work as the Advertising Manager.
Chipperfield can count itself lucky that John and Alison should have chosen to live here in 1952. It so happened that John had joined the Fleet Air Arm in 1940 to become a fighter pilot. The bare list of his career in that capacity was set out in a small paragraph on the obituary page of the Daily Telegraph. It read:-
‘John Ellsworth Scott, aged 77. Second World War Fleet Air Arm fighter pilot. Joined the Navy 1940. Served 804 Naval Air Squadron 1941, flying Fairey Fulmars and Hawker Sea Hurricanes from Catapult Armed Merchant (CAM) ships. Joined 888 Squadron in the carrier Formidable taking part in the invasion of Madagascar, May 1943, Torch landings in North Africa November 1942 and Sicily and Salerno landings 1943. Served with 846 Squadron in the escort carrier Tracker, escorting convoy JW58 to Russia and awarded DSC. Took part in D-Day landings and then embarked in escort carrier Trumpeter for operations in the Norwegian heads. Paintings done in Formidable in 1942/43 exhibited in ‘Brush with War, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton. Post-war, PR Manager, De Havillands and British Aerospace.
That catalogue of exploits, about which he was studiously silent, reveals the courageous heart that lay behind the ever fun-loving exterior.
It was following demobilisation, when he started work with the De Havilland Engine Company based at Leavesden, that he and Alison immediately looked for accommodation and found and acquired the Mill House here in Chipperfield, and there they lived until 1991 when they moved to Meysey Hampton in the Cotswolds.
It was in 1958 when still employed at Leavesden that John was appointed Public Relations Manager for De Havilland and British Aerospace. This involved work which absolutely suited his extrovert and outgoing charm.
Among his many talents, John was a fine craftsman and, from his well-organised workshop, he fashioned fine furniture and other well constructed products.
He was, of course, a member of the British Legion and was the bearer of its standard on every annual Remembrance Sunday service.
Chipperfield is sad that it will not see John again, and equally sad that Alison and his family are no longer living in our village.
W.W.S. John Foulgham

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