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Victorian Walk

Now Where Is Jaggers Yard?

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Between the Red Admiral and The Haven is a drive which leads to Inglenook.

walk(14)In Victorian times there were 3 small cottages here with front doors only. Two were pulled down in the early 1900s to make way for a draper’s shop which later became the house you can now see at the front

So try to block out the Red Admiral in your mind. It does not fit into the Victorian scene. Look at the photograph. The tree next to the flint cottages is your clue.

Move beyond the War Memorial (1920) and look across at the four Victorian Flint Cottages

They were built in the early 1800s before the church was built and probably by the same builder. Take note of the building materials – local flints and Welsh slates – so different from Gorse Cottage.

These houses must have been very luxurious compared with the old damp cottages in Jaggers Yard, but even so they didn’t have piped water inside the houses and they had earth closets (toilets) outside in the garden. So life was not easy in Victorian times.

At the Common look at the Tile House on the corner of The Street and Kings Lane

walk(15)This was a 17th century farmhouse.

It was originally called Elm Tree Farm after the elm which stood in the middle of the crossroads until it was blown down in a storm in 1880.

The land for this farm was down Megg Lane – over 90 acres of it.

The farmyard used to be where the front garden is now. The enormous wooden barn would have had lots of sacks of corn and hay in the loft and there would have been horses stabled in the lower part. It would have been a very busy farm for the 64 years when Victoria was Queen.

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Terry Trayton

What a wonderful idea this project is. It involves children in a practical way by getting them involved in their local history. I can see a huge amount of research has gone into this and I have learned a lot from it. I am not a local person myself but I often visit Chipperfield and, with a friend, I take country walks in the area. I purchased my present vehicle from a local garage and often buy bedding plants from a local nursery so I suppose I can claim some connection with the village. I congratulate all the young pupils involved in this project and wish them a very successful future. Well done!!

July 11, 2011

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