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John Parsley Of Pingelsgate House – Later The Manor House

When Victoria became Queen in 1837, a farmer called John Parsley was living in Pingelsgate House with his wife Mary and one servant.

It is hard to believe that he was Lord of the Manor of Kings Langley.

When he inherited the title, he chose to live in Chipperfield and let the Kings Langley Manor House.

He led a very simple life and lived in just two rooms. He was also illiterate.

He did not like people to poach for rabbits on his land and was known to demand that the rabbits should be handed over to him.

But he was a kind man and knew that people who poached were usually hard up and in need of food for a large family.

It is said that he would go round to the houses of those in need and put money under their doors at night.

He sold his cornfield for £500 so that the church could be built, but then he gave £200 to the building fund, £100 to the Vicarage fund and bought the font as well.

He had no children and left the title and properties to Robert Blackwell who re-named Pingelsgate, the Manor House, in 1850.

Retrace your steps and stop in front of Orchard Cottage, built in the 17th century

walk(13)This used to be two cottages owned by the Manor House. It is now one very attractive house.

On the census records in School you will see that the men of the houses worked for the Blackwells, at the Manor House, who owned the woods, farms and land all around.

The cottages were called “tied cottages” because they went with the job.

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Terry Trayton

What a wonderful idea this project is. It involves children in a practical way by getting them involved in their local history. I can see a huge amount of research has gone into this and I have learned a lot from it. I am not a local person myself but I often visit Chipperfield and, with a friend, I take country walks in the area. I purchased my present vehicle from a local garage and often buy bedding plants from a local nursery so I suppose I can claim some connection with the village. I congratulate all the young pupils involved in this project and wish them a very successful future. Well done!!

July 11, 2011

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