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Victorian Walk

Walk across the Common diagonally to the left

Then walk along the track beside the road until you come to the Manor House which you can easily recognise because it looks very impressive with the iron railings in front of it. It was built in 1591 by a clergyman who came from London.

walk(11)The back is quite different from the front, as you will see from the photograph which shows the six Tudor gables. The front used to be the same until a new frontage was built in 1714, and that was over 100 years before Victoria became Queen.

The Lord of the Manor of Kings Langley used to live in Kings Langley but it was a great day for this village when Robert Blackwell inherited the title, the Kings Langley Manor House and Pingelsgate House in Chipperfield in 1850. He knocked down the Manor House in Kings Langley and came to live in Chipperfield at Pingelsgate House, which he re-named the Manor House.

walk(12)This photograph shows you what the house would have looked like if Queen Victoria had gone to stay there. The side wings were added in 1910 after Queen Victoria had died.

Chipperfield was part of Kings Langley until 1957. Before the church was built in 1838, Chipperfield villagers went to Kings Langley church.

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Terry Trayton

What a wonderful idea this project is. It involves children in a practical way by getting them involved in their local history. I can see a huge amount of research has gone into this and I have learned a lot from it. I am not a local person myself but I often visit Chipperfield and, with a friend, I take country walks in the area. I purchased my present vehicle from a local garage and often buy bedding plants from a local nursery so I suppose I can claim some connection with the village. I congratulate all the young pupils involved in this project and wish them a very successful future. Well done!!

July 11, 2011

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