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Victorian Walk

Walk Across The Road To Common Land

You are now standing on what used to be COMMON LAND. All the land that you can see – in front of you and to your right – used to belong to the Lord of the Manor who lived in Pingelsgate House which became the Manor House in 1850.

The Lord of the Manor used to allow the villagers to graze their animals here, but there were rules and regulations. It was often children or women who looked after the animals on the common. Pigs had to be yoked together and had rings in their noses. Only 2 to 4 sheep could be grazed depending on the financial status of the villager and later on it was forbidden to graze geese because they spoiled the grass for grazing.

There were not so many trees as there are now and they were not as tall. Five of each kind of tree were planted about 100 years before Victoria became Queen. So for hundreds of years there was a lot of gorse and bracken. With permission, the people could cut the bracken and use it for bedding for their animals instead of hay. Fallen branches were gathered for firewood.

walk (6)The pond was an important place and it was much more open than it is now.

With permission, people could take their animals there to drink water and in hot, dry weather people collected the water in barrels, by horse and cart, to use in their homes.

Carters also drove their horses and carts into the pond so that the wooden wheels could soak up the water. The wood swelled and the metal bands stayed on the rims of the wheels.

The water was also good for soothing the horses’ hooves.

In winter the pond froze over and people skated on it!

The first recorded cricket match was played in 1844 with the permission of the Lord of the Manor.

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Terry Trayton

What a wonderful idea this project is. It involves children in a practical way by getting them involved in their local history. I can see a huge amount of research has gone into this and I have learned a lot from it. I am not a local person myself but I often visit Chipperfield and, with a friend, I take country walks in the area. I purchased my present vehicle from a local garage and often buy bedding plants from a local nursery so I suppose I can claim some connection with the village. I congratulate all the young pupils involved in this project and wish them a very successful future. Well done!!

July 11, 2011

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