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Chipperfield is a small active village situated on a crossroads approximately 5 miles south-west of Hemel Hempstead and the same distance north-west of Watford. The village occupies a site some 1.75 miles east to west and 1.75 miles north to south on a chalk plateau at the edge of the Chilterns, some 130 to 160 metres above sea level. The chalk is overlain with pebbly clay and sand to the south and east and clay with flints to the north and west. There are two dry valleys where the chalk is exposed i.e. at Dunny Lane and Whippendell Bottom.

The village roads are bordered by an attractive mix of gardens, fields, hedges and woodland rather than solid walls. There is an extensive network of footpaths, pavements and permissive bridleways, most of which are well maintained. The white painted signposts and wooden public benches are in harmony with the character of the village.

horses_1Chipperfield Common, gifted in 1936 to the local authority to be maintained in consultation with the people of Chipperfield, extends to over 100 acres and is well used by local residents and visitors from the surrounding area. Most of the common woodland is secondary woodland estimated as varying in age between 80 and 176 years old, which has regenerated as the grazing of livestock fell out of practice. There are eight large mature sweet chestnut trees which are regarded as veteran trees, of great historical and landscape importance estimated to date back to between 1600 and 1620. The Common is the best known and valued feature in the village.

The whole of the parish has been included within the Metropolitan Green Belt. There are 16 designated footpaths across the common and farmlands giving a great opportunity for all to appreciate Chipperfield’s rural landscape.

path_1Despite its proximity to Hemel Hempstead and Watford, the village has maintained its rural character and surrounds with a mixture of open farmland, wooded areas and copses. The Bulstrode farmland is notable for its lack of hedges, since an area enclosed by 29 hedges has been consolidated into a single field. The farmland east of the Manor House and descending into the dry Whippendale valley is characterised by medium-sized hedged fields. It is considered attractive and was designated a Landscape Conservation Area under the Dacorum Borough Local Plan adopted in 1995. Fields come right into the village and provide an agricultural setting for adjoining housing. This can be seen on Tower Hill, in Dunny Lane and also in the Chapel Croft/Kings Lane area

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keith scott

anyone remember the puddyfoots malcholm and carol who lived in tower hill late 50s early 60s

August 11, 2017
Ian Baker

Hi there,
A long time ago way back in about 1974 I met someone with the surname of Blacker who as far as I remember came from Kings Langley area, possibly Chipperfield. That rings a bell anyway, but I have no address. We lost touch as we were both travelling. I went to India and lived in Scotland briefly, and moved around for a number of years.
Do any of the family still live in the area, does anyone remember them?
I would be grateful for any information, or directions as to where to try.
Ian Baker……….in rural Essex

February 20, 2016
John Puzey

My mother first heard that my father was a POW in 1942 when she received a letter from Mrs Gladys Gough of ‘Windrush’ Chipperfield who had heard his name broadcast on the Vatican radio. Does anyone know of Mrs Gough or Windrush?

January 29, 2016
Lois Dyte

P.S. they lived in ‘Wayside’.

October 8, 2015
Lois Dyte

I am trying to trace any family of Zillah Hayes, who lived in Chipperfield in the 1940s with her husband, Alick, a producer at the BBC. Zillah also worked at the BBC, with my mother, to whom she gave a picture she had painted. Now my mother has died, I would like to return the picture to the Hayes family. Hoping to hear from anyone who can help,
Lois Dyte

October 8, 2015
Jane Gavan

I am looking for any information about Lydia Rolls born in Chipperfield
She died around 1858 or earlier
Her married name was Horwood , later changed in the next generation to Harwood
Any help most appreciated

October 3, 2015
Craig elliott

I am researching my family tree (elliott) would the parish council have any records associated to that name around the 1800/early 1900s, there may be a link to the boot public house in chipperfield but (we have pictures but no other information) any help on any Elliott’s in the area would be very much appreciated …thank you c r Elliott

July 26, 2015

Hi is there a map of chipperfield, it’s so hard to tell where one village start and ends with so much as fields, thank you for your time if you can help

May 19, 2015
Bella Bridges

Can anyone please help me with my search. I am trying to trace my family history. My Great Grandmother, Evelyn Maud Hutton, daughter of Claud Hutton was registered as living at Chipperfield House, Chipperfield at the beginning of the 19th centuary. Do either of these names mean any thing to anybody? if so I would love to hear from you.

November 16, 2014
Keith Clayton

My grandmother, Evelyn Maude Hutton lived at Chipperfield House in 1907 when she married, aged 29. Her father is stated as Claude Hutton, Gentleman. Does anyone have any information about any of this?

October 30, 2014
Teresa Roxburgh

HI Sarah
My grandparents lived at Rose Cottage when Mr Norman Kelly died in about 1958. They had lived in the cottage next to Chipperfield House before that. Mum vaguely remembers a man by the name of Jim. Any relation of yours?

August 17, 2014

Is it possible to walk from Chipperfield to Kings Langley? Can’t seem to see any suggested routes on Google Maps.


July 11, 2014
Sarah Bird

Does anyone know the origin of the name “Pill” Pond on Chipperfield Common? My mother grew up in Rosecott, next to Bramleys. She is 82 now and has always wondered where the name came from. I have tried various sources of information, but up to now have come up with nothing. Can anyone help? Many thanks…

July 4, 2014
Mary Holland

Hello June Reynolds Wood,

My parents Marion and Sydney Holland were great friends of your parents Emmett and Betty, and spent may enjoyable evenings in Old Oak – I was also there a few times. And remember your parents very affectionately.
All the best to you, Mary Holland

May 7, 2014
June Reynolds Wood

I am an American, who lived at Old Oak across from the Common for 2 years, when my father was working for a section of NATO and whose office was in London. I attended the American High School at Bushey Hall. We moved to Germany from England in 1965, and I have returned to the village once since then, when on a trip through England, Scotland and Wales with my-now family. My parents, Emmett and Betty Reynolds, are both deceased, as I imagine are many of their English friends from the village. It was an idyllic place to live, and my only “country” life. Such a beautiful village!

March 18, 2014
John Hudson

Hello, I have just had a visit from my 1st cousin from England. Our parents were from Chipperfield and our grandfather Frederick James Hudson was the Headmaster of the Chipperfield National School from 1903 to 1923. I have a hand made book in lovely copperplate writing presented to him on his retirement recording all the villagers names as recognition of his work in the village. My dad who was born in 1903 left England at the age of 20 and told us many stories of the village ,the manor, the pond and the “12 apostle” oak trees around the pond including the judas tree that never grew properly.

March 2, 2014
Craig Elliott

Hello. has anyone who has conducted any historical research in to the village come across the surnam Elliott /Elliot’ Eliot? I have some Victorian photos of ancestors standing outside what we are told was the Boot public house,,,,,, any info no matter how small would be great thanks..

February 17, 2014
Ian Loosely

Hi Kieth Scott, I went to the same school in chips,thought you might like to see some old names. Kath Baldwin.Linda Singleton,Malcolm&Carol,Chris Timberlake,Alan Gurney,Robin Burgess,Sonja Aldridge. D.Birkham, my name then was Ian Stewart, now Loosely. Hope this helps.

January 13, 2014
Damian Atkinson

I’m editing the letters of Katharine Tynan Hinkson (1859-1931) who moved into a newly-built house in Chipperfield on 7 June 1907 which she later called Greenhurst. The Hinksons were there for three years and added a couple of rooms. Can anyone identify the house? I should love a photograph if possible.

June 19, 2013
Erica Hanson

My mum and I came through Chipperfield yesterday looking for Bucks Hill. Mum lived above the post office in Bucks Hill in 1945 after she had been evacuated as a child during the war. We couldn’t find anything she remembered in Bucks Hill. Does anyone know if there are any books or archives available where we could find out anything about Bucks Hill in 1945 please?

June 6, 2013

hi malcolm and keith do any of you remember the Dormers who lived at 29 Tower Hill?

March 28, 2013
Malcolm Powell

Keith did you get my email i sent you, let me know as i have not heard from you.

February 21, 2013
keith scott

Hi Malcolm what a blast from the past.I remember you and Carol and Malcolm Puddyfoot he also had a sister and brother i think maybe Carol and Martin.Malcolm my e-mail address is (sent to malcolm) please get in touch as it would be so good to talk about the old days. Blimey last time i saw you i think i was about 8 so please mail me

February 6, 2013

Can anyone recommend a beautiful spot for wedding photos please? Thank you.

February 5, 2013
Malcolm Powell

Hi I lived at number 52 Tower Hill, with my sister Carol and younger brother David, we lived next door to the Puddyfoots. I went to Bovingdon primary school, and then to Kings Langley secondary school. i remember you keith.

January 2, 2013
carl hastings

chipperfield is one the best villages in the whole of england i have lived all my life and i never leave the ,ost beautiful village in the country

August 6, 2012

Just an idea but a ‘meg’ or ‘megg’ was a slang term dating back to the 1700’s for a threepenny bit. Don’t know how this helps but I thought it was interesting!!!

May 18, 2012

Hi Julie, Have just found my Notes on Old Chipperfield and on the map of 1839 it shows the top of the lane as Meg Lane field – so your gypsy tale had to pre-date 1839. Interesting that it is down as Meg with one g not two. Not much help but at least it gives you a date.

May 18, 2012

Does anyone have any information about the origin of the name of Megg Lane? I was born there and remember being told that there was a gypsy called Meg and she hung herself from the oak tree at the top of the lane. A bit grisly but I have never heard this story from anywhere else.

May 6, 2012

Hi Carole, if you mean the PillBox then you may find this news article of interest

April 29, 2012

Could anyone tell me what the derelict stone building on the corner at Tower Hill, opposite the garage was used for, please?

April 29, 2012
Nick Ashby

Hi Trying to find the parents,of William Ashby Hay Carter,born 1830 Bucks Hill Chipperfield.

October 24, 2011

A small world that is is, I was doing some research on Chipperfield as i have a french oral exam, and typically distracting myself by reading through these forums.
I work at the Two Brewers pub when I am home for holidays and I was reading your post I realised that you were talking about two of the locals in the village i know and i had to ask her whether it was them you were talking about, her names actually Ali (Alison) and said to get in contact with her on facebook!

Genevieve from Chipperfield

October 14, 2011
Carol and Gerry

We lived in Northwood for two years (1998-2000) and worked in Pinner. We found the Windmill and it became our “local.” We went there almost every Friday night after a hard week’s work and met several great folks there. In those days it was Ted’s place and Dave was there, too. When we visited last a few years ago Dave was still there, very busy.
When we had visitors from the U.S., we often ate at the carvery at the Two Brewers on Sunday. We loved driving around the countryside in and around Chipperfield. We enjoyed those days and remember them with fondness.
Punta Gorda, Florida

August 18, 2011

Hi, my girlfriend and I recently met a very nice family from Chipperfield. The wife’s name is Ella (not sure if she spells it different) and her husbands name is Biff, I believe. They also have two young sons in middle/secondary school. Anyways, Ella described how nice the Village of Chipperfield was, so I came on to this website to give it a look and it does look wonderful. So if you know who Ella and Biff are, tell them we said hi!!

– Their friends Tony & Heather from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (we met in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)

August 18, 2011
Kathy Upex

I am researching my family history.
My ancestors were Bradley and Bone.
Can anyone throw any light on the families. They appear to have been labourers or worked in straw. Too many to put down here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

August 2, 2011
keith scott

does anyone remember the scott family who lived at 54 towerhill inthe 40s 50s and early 60s would love to hear any thing i am their grandson keith .i lived with my grandparents from 1953 until 1960ish i attended the school by the two brewers would really love to hear from someone even if its to say no trace

June 25, 2011
Jayne J

I have speaking to my Dad today who said he used to play in band at ‘The Boot’ pub in Chipperfield in the early 1960’s. The band was called ‘The Gamblers’ – does anyone remember them or have any info on them?


June 8, 2011
keith scott

hi iwas born in tower hill in 1953 i lived with my grandparents Jim and Sylvia Scott at 54 Tower Hill its been a long time but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or the Scott family I remember school days with Malcolm and Carol Pudefoot ithink thats how you spell there name apologies if not

May 7, 2011
Julie Cross

Hi, could anyone tell me if there is a local historical society for Chipperfield? I have traced relatives from the Bateman family who were in the village at or around the early 1820’s and would like to find out more about them
Many thanks

April 14, 2011

My Grandma Emily Eliza Bradley also worked for Miss Coutauld around that time.

April 13, 2011

Yes – it is still there although it is now called Hunterswood House.

February 15, 2011

Can anyone tell me whether Tomtibow (house) is still there? My Grandparents lived in The Lodge and worked for Miss Courtauld cira 1924.

February 9, 2011

I am planning to visit Chipperfield in the summer as this is my Birth place (just want to take a look around the lovely village and woods).I was born in a house called Hunterswood Lodge, Hunterswood, late 1950’s.
Would anybody able to tell me if the house is still there please and if there has been much change to that paticular area.
Thank you

January 23, 2011

According to my copy of Notes on Old Chipperfield which was published in 1948:-
“So let us in imagination wander through the little hamlet as it was 150 years ago.

Starting from the west end of the Common, we should find the wooden Windmill on the hill, where the ground falls away to the Dell, and the strong south-west wind will catch its sails. The Millhouse close to, has a Baker and an old window where the loaves are sold. There are four old cottages near, where A. Howden will build his house (Burford House).

Later on in the book it is noted that the Windmill was working in 1877 and still standing but idle in 1881. Certainly by 1948 it was no longer in existence.

In a chapter of reminiscences, Mrs Goodman of Queen Street (recorded 1935) remembers the sails move round and hearing the noise of sails across the common where she lived as a small child next door to Mahogany Hall. She also remember being one of the children allowed to go and cart wood home when the wooden Mill was broken up, The Mill stood between Common and Millhouse. – Mrs Goodman died in 1943 aged 85.

Hope that gives you a start to your investigations.

November 5, 2010

Thanks for the information Mr. Kear. I assume I will have to do further investigations to find out more about the windmill…

November 4, 2010
Bill Kear

I’ve been told that it was behind the Windmill pub, but have no proof.

September 10, 2010

Where was the windmill?
We have moved to Chipperfield a few months ago and are interested in the local history. We have asked some old residents where the name “Windmill Hill” is coming from and where the windmill was located if there has ever been one… We haven’t found any answers so far as nobody remembers the existence of a windmill. Who can help?

August 19, 2010

Greg, can you provide us with a contact email address, we may be able to help.
please use the “Contact” page on the left

February 2, 2010
Greg Kemp

I was born in the united states, Grandson to Ellen May Carpenter who was born, raised, and lived in Chipperfield until she moved to the united states with my Grandfather in 1945. I have never visited the village nor have i ever been to the homeland but i am trying to find out if i still have relatives in the village. How would i be able to access records or look up relatives from the village? I would love to visit the one day with my family but i would like to see if i have any family remaining there. thank you for any suggestions you may have.

January 12, 2010

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