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1st of November 2014

The Chipperfield Project Group, the Steering Committee behind the setting-up and establishment of the proposed new Burial Ground and consisting of eight residents of the village, welcomes the Rector’s recent comments regarding the Church’s position on this matter. The fact that St Paul’s is experiencing a dwindling income and relatively high ongoing costs in maintaining the existing Churchyard, thus making it difficult for the Church to become involved, are understood. The Project Group is wholly confident that it has the financial resources for the set up phase, and also expects to establish a permanent solution to cover the future maintenance costs of the proposed new Burial Ground and, if it would assist, the existing Churchyard. Generous local support has been forthcoming and, we feel, goes a considerable way to alleviating the Rector’s and the PCC’s present concerns as it would clearly and substantially reduce future costs. The offer was made earlier this year, and we fully understand that it must be discussed within the PCC and approved by the Diocesan Office in St Albans. Considerable time has elapsed and we urge the Rector and the PCC to continue with their discussions and invite them to communicate with ourselves on this important matter.

The additional Burial Ground, incorporated alongside the present Churchyard, would be an opportunity for St Paul’s to assist with the desire of 93% of Chipperfield residents, of all denominations and surveyed within the Ecclesiastical Parish, to once again have the opportunity of burial within the village.

Should it be decided that St Paul’s does not wish to become involved, the Project Group would then continue independently to fulfil their aims for the benefit of the village and Parish community.

A schedule indicating progress to date is as follows:-

The Chipperfield Project Group was formed in 2011 when concern was expressed in the village regarding the fact that no more burials could take place in the Churchyard as it was full. However, the interment of ashes was still possible.

Arrangements were made to produce a formal Planning Application. Two surveys were required concerning the proposed location: an extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and an initial Bat Survey. These were to determine whether there were any protected species of flora or fauna that would be affected by development of the land. Fortunately there were none, so copies of the reports became part of the Planning Application. These aspects were effectively completed in late 2012 and the final application sent to Dacorum Borough Council on 31 December 2012. Further information was required by Dacorum before the application was accepted in February 2013 and finally approved in September 2013.

Together with various donations, the Project Group was able to self-fund all expenditure up to, and including, submission of the Planning Application. Subsequently we obtained a grant which covered the cost of submission.

When the Planning Approval was granted in September 2013, there were a number of conditions incorporated. These were:-

1. Plan required detailing positions, design, materials and the type of boundary
2. Archeological Survey to be carried out.
3. Survey on the risks of contamination to ground water.
4. Details of any external lighting.
5. Biodiversity and Landscape Management Plan.
6 Replacement of any trees or hedging planted, if required, within ten years.

1. Details have not yet been fully determined, as these depend on the final Diversity and Management Plan. (See 5 above). However, it is agreed by the Group that a brick and flint wall will be built on the boundary facing the road.
2. The form of Archeological Survey has been approved by Dacorum Borough Council and we are awaiting permission from them to carry it out.
3. Our Report has been accepted.
4. There will be no exterior lighting.
5. Our Landscape Designer has submitted a draft plan. This is under discussion and the final plan will be submitted in due course.
6. To be determined.
We have also initiated formal application to Dacorum Borough Council to acquire the necessary land, either by means of purchase or long term lease.
The Chipperfield Project Group

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