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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of November 2014

Do this in remembrance of me…….
How do you remember those you have loved and lost?

It never ceases to amaze me that as Jesus was nearing the time of his death, he sat with his closest friends and shared a meal. With him at table were those who would deny their friendship, those who would doubt and those who would betray him. But despite this he sat with them, in friendship, sharing fellowship and food. He treated them equally with great compassion and love, despite what was to come, asking only one thing of them: that when he was gone they would do the same – build community through sharing fellowship and food even with those who mistreated them. This is a tough and difficult thing – much easier to build walls of division and hostility to protect one’s interest and power, or relentlessly pursue what one considers to be principled and right. Sometimes those principles are so firmly held that war breaks out and innocent blood is shed. That is what happened to Jesus, and continues to happen to so many men, women and children on both sides of conflict. Some would argue that conflict is the only way to bring about and secure peace, whilst others insist that no war and loss of innocent life can be justified. This country is yet again facing those difficult decisions of how best to assist those, in a land not our own, confronted by a relentless and pitiless aggressor, but our experience tells us that in waging war even to protect the innocent, innocent blood is inevitably shed. Even in the midst of war we must never cease to explore how we might find another path to justice and peace.
God’s peace be with you always, Michele

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