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Our Lady, Mother Of The Saviour, Rc Church

1st of September 2014

The first half of 2014 was a most eventful year in the parish, for all the wrong reasons. Fr Terry Cantwell, who came back from 47 years as a Missionary in Tanzania to be Parish Priest in Chipperfield not long after his brother, Fr Des. had died in 2008, was himself taken ill in February. He was admitted to Watford Hospital and for some days and nights we were extremely concerned for his well being. Thankfully he recovered enough to be eventually discharged, but was clearly not well enough to return to being our pastor. After some weeks recuperating slowly in his sister’s home, he has now formally retired, and is living in Dublin with another retired priest. We hope to see him in early September when we hold the Parish Barbecue, which was postponed when there was so much uncertainty over his health. For almost three months, we relied on Fr. Bernard and Fr. Noel travelling from the Salvatorian Fathers parish in Wealdstone, Harrow for our Sunday, Holy Week, First Holy Communions and the Confirmation service with Bishop John Sherrington.

At the very end of June, we finally met our new Parish Priest, Fr Floribert Mulikita. Coming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he is studying for a Master’s degree at the same time as settling in to his new home and responsibilities. Like Frs. Des and Terry, he is also a Salvatorian priest. In a future edition, we hope to tell readers more of his background and introduce him to the village through Chipperfield News. In the meantime we thank God that the parish can look forward to a period of stability.
Denis Kelly

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