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Jo Rob

1st of September 2014

The editors are sad to announce the death of Jo (Joanna Rob). Jo and Mike Parkin were the redoubtable couple who, as EuroColour, did all the printing of Chipperfield News for many successful years before handing over to the current printers, GPS. Jo and Mike were a very hard working pair in a difficult industry and thoroughly deserved our appreciation of their contribution.

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Jan Nicholas

Dear Sir or Madam
My parents have lived in Orchard Leigh for over 55 years and gave been frequent visitors with us as a family to Chippefrgield Woods and ponds and common. Sadly my father has recently died and my mother is thinking of a suitable site to scatter his ashes or maybe to plant a tree. If she settled upon Chipperfield woods can you please advise how we should seek permission to scatter his ashes and/or whether we may be able to plant a sapling somewhere in his memory?
Mnay thanks
Jan Nicholas

August 5, 2015

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